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Chess game databases

Collections of chess games are stored in files called PGN databases. PGN stands for Portable Game Notation, it is a standard way to store chess games independent of the hardware and software program/application which produced it. HIARCS Chess Explorer reads and writes chess databases in PGN format. It does not support any non standard format of database.

Chess Explorer paradigm

In the context of a chess game HIARCS Chess Explorer uses a different approach to most other chess software. Most chess software focuses just on the current game and the database is a secondary concern mainly used as a repository to store and retrieve games.  We believe this approach is not as powerful as the database centric paradigm that HIARCS Chess Explorer uses. We will explore this in more detail below.

HIARCS Chess Explorer uses a database first approach, this means you open the database you are interested in first and then you can view, modify, delete or add games to it.

Secondly HIARCS Chess Explorer is a multi-database program, that means you can open, view, manipulate and analyse games from multiple databases simultaneously.

These two facets of database first and multi-database capabilities enable much more powerful solutions than a single game, single database approach more normally used.

Using a database first and multi-database approach gives some genuine advantages over the traditional approach:

Don't panic if that sounds complex, it really is not and we have example usage in the Getting started section to show how different tasks can be achieved simply within HIARCS Chess Explorer.

If you are a novice user do not worry as HIARCS Chess Explorer can be used to manipulate just a single game and database at a time if you prefer to keep things very simple.

One of the key aims of HIARCS Chess Explorer is to simplify the user experience and provide a set of powerful tools for the novice and accomplished player alike, to analyse and play chess.