Installation Folders

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When HIARCS Chess Explorer is installed it creates a number of folders for the Application itself, chess engines and data files including databases. This section explains where the files are installed.

Installation folders on PC Windows

On PC Windows the HIARCS Chess Explorer installer creates the following folders:

Application Folders

The application and engines are installed in the \Program Files\HIARCS Chess folder. Inside this folder you will find the following folders installed:

Please note on Windows 64 bit systems the "\Program Files (x86)" folder is used instead of "\Program Files"

Data Folders

The HIARCS Chess Explorer user files are installed in your documents folder. On Windows XP this is in your "Your Documents" folder, on Windows Vista and later it is in your "Documents" folder. In this location you will find the "HIARCS Chess" folder is installed and contains the following sub folders: