Move context menu

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You can right click on any move in the Game Notation to bring up the move context menu as below:

This menu enables you to add, edit and remove comments, move and evaluation symbols. The following sections explain how these actions are achieved:

To remove the symbols select the remove symbols menu item.

When you right click to access the Move context menu you are setting the move you right clicked on as the context. Depending on the context you may have the following options applicable at that point:

A main-line and variation:

Promoting the 6...e5 variation has this effect, 6...e5 line is promoted, 6...e6 line is demoted:



       It produces makes the 6...Ng4 variation the top variation as follows:



       choosing remove variation on the 6...e5 variation will remove it:




       choosing remove variation on the move 2...d6 will remove the previous moves:



       choosing remove next on the move 7.f3 will remove the move following it: