The application menu is titled "HIARCS Chess Explorer" and gives you access a number of configuration options for the application and for windows on the desktop.

About HIARCS Chess Explorer

This menu item shows information about the product. The About HIARCS Chess Explorer dialog also allows you to update your license.


This menu item allows you to open the Preferences dialog where you can configure HIARCS Chess Explorer.


This is a Mac OS menu item which gives you access to system preferences.

Hide HIARCS Chess Explorer

This will hide all the windows of HIARCS Chess Explorer.

Hide Others

This will hide all windows other than those of HIARCS Chess Explorer.

Show All

This will show all windows of all applications onto the Mac OS desktop.

Quit HIARCS Chess Explorer

Quit HIARCS Chess Explorer, this will close all currently open tabs. You will be asked to save or discard any modified games. Please note for very large databases which need to be saved it can take some time to save all the databases.