The Help menu allows you to access help manuals, context sensitive help and enquire about updates. Please note the shortcut keystroke for common operations are also defined on the menu, you can use the keyboard shortcut to invoke the associated function directly from the keyboard.

HIARCS Chess Explorer Help

This will launch the HIARCS Chess Explorer manual in  Windows HTML Help. The manual is searchable, has a detailed contents and the manual is written to enable easy navigation around it.

Context help

While using HIARCS Chess Explorer it is possible to bring up context sensitive help by using this menu item or the F1 keystroke. Context sensitive help gives you help information about the window, pane or function you are currently using. The menu can only give context sensitive help on the main window. Use the F1 key to access context sensitive help from a dialog.

Help videos

This will launch a browser to our PC HIARCS Chess Explorer video page. This page has many help videos which explain how to use the software.

About HIARCS Chess Explorer

This menu item shows information about the product. The About HIARCS Chess Explorer dialog also allows you to update your license.

Check for updates

This menu item will launch a browser to contact to see if any update is available for your version of HIARCS Chess Explorer.