HIARCS Chess Explorer has a special mode for playing games against the computer.

You can access this mode by clicking the Play game toolbar icon or from the Play->New game... menu item.

To read more about how to start a game against the computer and configure the type of game you wish to play please read the Play game section.

Play Realism

HIARCS chess engines use new play realism capabilities which give a much more realistic human like feel to the play of the weaker set Elo opponents in the HIARCS chess engine. In particular it tries to produce the same sorts of mistakes and common moves that weaker players are prone to. This enables you to get genuinely useful practice against our handicap opponents as they will challenge you very much like a human player of that strength while making similar mistakes to players of that strength. In addition it matches the opening book moves to the playing strength and even forgets its book moves or mixes up move orders to simulate real play.