The About HIARCS Chess Explorer dialog shows the current version you have installed.

You can deactivate your license from this dialog if you want to sell or give your machine away. In fact if you are no longer going to use HCE-PRO on your machine we strongly recommend you deactivate the license so you can use it on another machine without issue.

You can also update your license to more advanced versions of HIARCS Chess Explorer Pro. There are three versions available:

  1. non Deep standard version which has the single core HIARCS 15.0 engine and other limitations
  2. Deep version which has the Deep HIARCS 15.0 chess engine and other benefits
  3. Premium version which has Deep HIARCS 15.0 and experimental HIARCS chess engines for a year and other benefits like huge online books and endgame data.

The Other resources tab shows you the credits and acknowledgements.