The Analysis Explorer view displays the output of the chosen chess engine. Here we see the best 2 lines of analysis for the current position being displayed. Please note the height of the view is automatically changed to accommodate the display of the number of lines.

The output consists of the evaluation (+1.00 = 1 pawn positional advantage) and the current depth of analysis followed by the best line of play expected by the engine.

You can click the eval/depth and the analysis for that line will be added to the Game Notation. If you click on a move in one of the lines shown the eval and line up to that move will be added to the game notation.

If you pass the mouse over a move of one of the lines displayed a pop up board will appear with the position at that point in the line, you can then use the arrow keys to follow the line:

Configuration options

There are many configuration settings available in the Analysis Explorer view, you will notice some icons in the top right corner of the view:

From left to right these are:

  • You can check and modify the number of threads used by the engine (assuming the engine support multiple threads):

  • You can modify the number of lines of analysis the engine is producing:

  • You can pause or resume the analysis, this is only possible with HIARCS 15 chess engines. It may be useful to pause the engine if you wanted to use your CPU resources elsewhere for a while but later want to resume the analysis.

  • You can use the padlock to lock the analysis to a position, this means the engine analysis will remain on the locked position while you can move around the game notation and even use another engine in a different position in the same game.

After looking at a game if you want to return to the board position where the analysis is locked, click on Go to the position

  • You can select which moves the engine analyses using the Select moves to analyse dialog.

  • You can select the type of output produced by the Analysis Explorer here:

  • Finally you can switch to another engine from the available chess engines: