Other software and resources used by HCE

-   Qt 5.15.2 or Qt 6.2.1 - open-source crossplatform applications framework

-   uncbv - CBV archive extractor

-   FontAwesome - free web icon set

-   Chess Pirat - figurine font by Klaus Wolf

-   Board textures based on CC0Textures

-   Alpha, Leipzig, Merida & USCF chess piece images by Eric de Mund and

    Bruno Rizzuti (based on fonts by Eric Bentzen and Armando Marroquin)

-   Modern & Russian chess piece images by Bryan Whitby

-   Hiarcs chess piece images by Steven Uniacke

-   Fun chess piece images based on design by Ole Christensen

-   Annotated games from CHESS magazine used with kind permission of



French: Yves Catineau, A. Zanchetta and Jonathan Naud

German: Christian Goralski, Kai Freitag, Astrid Erver and Jeremy Bernstein

Italian: Bruno Rizzuti

Polish: MichaƂ Rudolf

Portuguese: C. R. Zamana

Spanish: Amador Cuesta

Testing and feedback by Eric Hallsworth, Jeremy Ward, Harvey Williamson and a very large number of beta testers, not named for privacy reasons.

Thank you to all those people who helped make HIARCS Chess Explorer a better product.

We also thank Eugene Nalimov and Andrew Kadatch for their kind permission to use their access code (copyright (c) Eugene Nalimov) and decompression code (copyright (c) Andrew Kadatch) for Nalimov tablebases in HIARCS chess engines. We would also like to thank Ronald de Man for his Syzygy tablebases.