PC Deep Junior Yokohama UCI Chess Engine

A World Computer Chess Champion chess engine for PC Windows
Suitable for all players including the World Chess Champion
Platform: Runs on any PC running MS Windows™ XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 & 10 (32 and 64 bit)
Playing ability: World Chess Championship strength (3200+ Elo)†
Engine authors: Amir Ban and Shay Bushinsky, Opening book author: GM Alon Greenfeld

Deep Junior Yokohama is the World Computer Chess Champion and is as aggressive and attacking as ever with a wonderful sense for king attacks and dynamic play - an essential partner for any attack minded chess player. The Deep Junior chess program is unique in its understanding of compensation and therefore chess players of all standards can use Junior to gain a deep insight into their games and prepare new exciting lines involving sacrifices with confidence. The chess knowledge has naturally also been improved so the Deep Junior series are the strongest ever and capable of supporting up to 40 cores simultaneously for the ultimate performance.

Key Features:

Deep Junior UCI is a chess engine and is available by software download only. Deep Junior UCI requires a PC running Windows 7, 8 or 10 with a UCI compatible chess GUI (a chess User Interface is NOT included in the package). We recommend the excellent HIARCS Chess Explorer products which supports UCI chess engines like Deep Junior UCI.

Deep Junior Yokohama UCI for PC (Full multi core/processor version)

The current World Computer Chess Champion Deep Junior Yokohama
The ultimate Deep Junior chess engine - now capable of supporting up to 40 cores!
Includes older Deep Junior 13, 13.3 chess engines
Opening book by GM Alon Greenfeld available by download after purchase (526Mb)
Engine download information and license emailed immediately after purchase

Price*: £37.50 / €41.50 / $49.95
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Thank you to GM Alon Greenfeld for his contribution of the excellent Deep Junior Opening Book.

Thanks also to a number of other supporters who prefer to remain incognito.

Photograph of Kasparov and Deep Junior by John Henderson, thank you.

We thank Eugene Nalimov and Andrew Kadatch for their kind permission to use their access code (copyright (c) Eugene Nalimov) and decompression code (copyright (c) Andrew Kadatch) for Nalimov tablebases in the Deep Junior chess engine.