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Here you can browse the pages from our previous HIARCS products which have been available from www.hiarcs.com.

This will also give an opportunity for customers to re-download those older versions.

So the list includes:

  1. Palm HIARCS 9 released in 2004 as the strongest ever handheld chess program. It evolved to version 9.7 and beat GMs and won a GM tournament!
  2. Mac HIARCS 9.6 released with the popular Sigma Chess in late 2004 as the strongest chess program on the Apple Macintosh. Later HIARCS 10 was released in 2006 to Mac customers as a free update.
  3. PC HIARCS 10 UCI released in early 2006 at a time when HIARCS 10 was the top program on the SSDF rating list.
  4. PC HIARCS 11 UCI released in late 2006 and the first multiprocessor release and later in 2007 v11.2 emerged much stronger as a free update.
  5. Mac HIARCS 11 with Sigma Chess was released in early 2007 and brought multiprocessor support to the Macintosh for the first time.
  6. PC HIARCS 12 UCI released in early 2008 including the Paderborn version which won the last Paderborn tournament played.
  7. Mac HIARCS 12 with Sigma Chess soon followed in mid 2008 offering new support for 8 core Mac Pros.
  8. Pocket HIARCS 12 with CEBoard emerged in late 2008 as the strongest program on the Pocket PC.
  9. Palm HIARCS Pro v12 finally emerged in late 2008 with a big strength and feature increase.
  10. Deep Junior 11 UCI was released in 2009 much to the pleasure of Junior fans.

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"generally I use HIARCS." - Five time World Chess Champion Vishy Anand, in a recent interview when asked what chess program he uses to analyse with
"HIARCS is much better positionally than Deep Blue." - Garry Kasparov 1997 (after game 5 of the rematch)

World Chess Champion, Vishy Anand, used "Powerful" HIARCS machine in preparations for his 2010 & 2012 world title matches

"This level of service is one other big reason to buy HIARCS." - John Jackson

Highest performance reached depends on computer used. Computer Chess Software with world class chess engine playing strength.
HIARCS is designed and developed by Mark Uniacke in England.

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