When you purchase HIARCS Chess Explorer you will be sent an email with a download link where you can download the HIARCS Chess Explorer installer. To download the HIARCS Chess Explorer Installer please click on the link you were sent immediately after purchase. Once it is downloaded you will have the installer on your Mac:

Double click the HIARCS Chess Explorer Installer to begin the installation...

The installer will guide you though the installation process in simple steps. Click continue to proceed.

The Software License Agreement will then be displayed. You need to accept the terms of the End User License Agreement in order to be able to proceed to install and use the HIARCS Chess Explorer software.

Once you have agreed to the software license agreement you can begin installation of the software by clicking the Install button.

The HIARCS Chess Explorer software is now installed on your computer, this will only take a minute or two. Once the installer is complete you will get the following dialog confirming successful installation.


HIARCS Chess Explorer is now installed on your computer.

You can now drag the HIARCS Chess Explorer package from the /Applications folder to the Dock bar to make it easy to launch the application in future. The Dock bar is normally at the bottom of the screen, you can see an example below with the HIARCS Chess Explorer icon in the Dock bar. Once this is done you can launch HIARCS Chess Explorer by clicking this icon in the Dock bar.