Each database in HIARCS Chess Explorer is opened within a tab.

This means you can have multiple databases open simultaneously without having to manage lots of windows.

You can move tabs around by simply selecting a tab and dragging and dropping the tab into a new placement, for example you can drag the notepad-db tab and place it between the MyGames and TopGames database tabs.

To work on a database simply click on the tab and the database and its display panes will be accessible.

In the above example we have 5 tabs open:

  1. MyGames database where I am entering a game
  2. The packaged TopGames database where I am examining some games
  3. The packaged AnnotatedGames database where I am playing though an annotated game.
  4. Playing game tab where I am playing a game against the computer
  5. Notepad-db where I have HIARCS analysing a game

As you will find out HIARCS Chess Explorer makes it simple to have multiple databases open at the same time and this ease and flexibility allows a different approach to analysing and working with databases compared to single game/database programs.

You can close a database at any time by clicking X next to the name of the database tab or by selecting the File->Close menu item which will close the database in the current selected active tab.

Please note when opening very large databases it can take some time to load all the games and build the required views of the data. However once the database is loaded even complex position searches are performed almost instantly. Equally when you exit a database tab containing a very large database it takes time to save if changes have been made to that database.