The File menu allows you to manipulate files. Please note the shortcut keystroke for common operations are also defined on the menu, you can use the keyboard shortcut to invoke the associated function directly from the keyboard. You can also see shortcut icons for some menu items on the menu as a guide that there is a shortcut toolbar icon for the option.


Create a new PGN database, you will be given a New database dialog to set the new database name. The new PGN database will then be created and opened in a new tab.


Open an existing PGN database, you will be given an Open database dialog to select the database to open. The PGN database will then be opened in a new tab.

Open recent

This menu item gives a submenu of recently opened PGN databases, you will see a list of the databases you have recently opened, you can choose one of these and it will be opened in a new tab. You can also open all the databases in the last session by selecting the Last session option. The above submenu image is an example.

Open URL...

Allows you to open a remote PGN database by giving a Universal Resource Location (URL, eg. You will be given an Open URL dialog so you can enter the URL to fetch a PGN database from.


This menu item is only active when you have a live PGN game URL open in a tab. It allows you to manually reload the PGN from the target URL.


This option allows you to Export games to a new database or to export them to a PDF file. You can either export all games in the current database or only the games in the current filter. An Export games dialog will open so you can set the new database name and format (PGN or PDF).


Print the current game or all the games in the filter to the printer. You will see a print options dialog where you can select various parameters including saving the print game(s) to a file.


This menu item allows you to see the properties of the database in the current tab. It displays the location of the file, the size and last modification date. For live games (open URL..) it gives the URL of the file and when it was last updated. Feature added at v1.7.


Close the current in focus tab. Please note when closing a database tab containing a very large database it takes time to save if changes have been made to that database.


Quit HIARCS Chess Explorer, this will close all currently open tabs. You will be asked to save or discard any modified games. Please note for very large databases which need to be saved it can take some time to save all the databases.