Can be toggle accessed by clicking the Game Explorer shortcut icon or from the View->Game Explorer menu item.

The Game Explorer shows the list of games in the database and provides functions to explore the database for games. The games are listed under columns describing:

  • Game number in database, games are numbered from 1 as they are found in the PGN database.
  • White player name and Elo
  • Black player name and Elo
  • Event where game took place
  • Site where game took place
  • Round of event game took place in
  • Date of game in the format YYYY.MM.DD
  • ECO code of opening played in game (this is the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings code for openings)
  • Length of game in moves

Any of these column fields can be sorted. By default the list is sorted in the order the games are in the PGN database. By clicking on the column header of any field you can sort the list by that column in ascending or descending order. In the example below I have sorted the White Elo field into descending order by simply clicking on the White Elo column header. This powerful feature immediately gives me the strongest players who played the white pieces in the AnnotatedGames database:

One of the key features of the Game Explorer pane is the Quick search field which enables powerful quick searches on the games to be performed.