The Quick search field in the Game Explorer pane allows you to create single and range searches from the keyboard and combine searches to perform powerful filtering of games. The Quick search filter is applied to all the games in the database.

The quick search field stores you recent searches so you can select them from the selector.

Single searches

  • Kasparov           find all games by Kasparov
  • Kasparov-           find all white games by Kasparov
  • -Kasparov           find all black games by Kasparov
  • 2012.06                     find all games from last June
  • 2011                     find all games from 2011
  • 1-0                   find all games won by white (note: use 1/2 or 1/2-1/2 for draw)
  • B17                   find all games with ECO B17
  • Site:London             find all games played in London (general form is Tag:Value)
  • >2400                     find all games with average Elo above 2400

Range searches

  • B10-B17                     find all Caro-Kann games
  • 2001-2011           find all games from XXI century

Combining searches:

  • Kasparov- 0-1                          find all games lost by Kasparov with white
  • Kasparov D80-D99                find all Kasparov games when Grünfeld was played
  • Kasparov Karpov                find all Karpov-Kasparov games
  • Kasparov- -Karpov                find all Karpov-Kasparov games where Kasparov was white
  • Kasparov-Karpov                find all Karpov-Kasparov games where Kasparov was white
  • Kasparov Site:London        find all games played by Kasparov in London
  • Kasparov Karpov Site:London 1-0 0-1 !1/2        find all decisive games between Kasparov and Karpov played in London
  • Kasparov Karpov !1/2        find all games decisive games between Kasparov and Karpov
  • Zvj- Dre                                find all games with White starting "Zvj" and Black starting "Dre", matches Zvjaginsev v Dreev