Can be toggle accessed by clicking the Opening Explorer shortcut icon or from the View->Opening Explorer menu item.

Opening Explorer is the world's first multi-source real-time chess tree with live updates and automatic game filtering.

Opening Explorer presents for the current position a statistical view of moves available. The moves form part of a tree of chess positions so it can track any game and moves played and present in real-time the move options available and the statistics for those moves from many different sources.

The data presented in the Opening Explorer pane can be sorted by any of the column headers, which can help depending on how you wish to look at the data.

You can select multiple sources for the Opening Explorer view. You select the source from the Source: selector where you can choose from Database, Filter, Local and Online opening books. With the database source you can perform real-time game filtering.

The chess tree is automatically updated in real-time in the database and filter source context as games are added, modified or deleted.

In the Database source context you can also set Opening Explorer to automatically update the games filter and game list shown in the Game Explorer pane. This can be a very powerful feature to allow you to only see the games appropriate to the opening you are exploring.

With a Filter source context (from version 1.2 this is called Last search) you can have Opening Explorer show only the games of particular players or opponents you might be facing, you can even have Opening Explorer just show moves and statistics from your own games. These approaches allow you to have Opening Explorer give an automatic real-time view of an opening repertoire at any position.