When you first open Player Explorer you will see a list of the players who have played games in the database. The top entry is always the entire database and this can give an excellent overview of the games in the database.

To find a specific player you can either scroll through the list of players or more conveniently enter the name of the player you are interested in, as you enter characters in the Find: field, the Player Explorer will narrow down the choices of players in the list to aid your quick selection. Player Explorer uses whatever you type to search the database of player names and give those that match.

To select a player or the whole database you can click on the appropriate player and click the Show player button to view the details about that player. Alternatively if you double click a player from the list, the Information tab will automatically open to show you those details.

The Update list button can be used to update the statistics if you have added, modified or deleted any games to this database since the Player Explorer dialog was opened.

The Close button allows you to exit the Player Explorer dialog.