The Player Explorer dialog is accessed from the View->Player Explorer menu item or the shortcut icon. It can also be accessed by clicking on a players name in the Game Notation header information.

Player Explorer is a powerful way to view the players in a database, their games, performances and favourite openings.

The dialog is composed of

  • a Players tab which enables you to find players in the database
  • an Information tab which enables you to see details about the player selected

The Show player button will show details about the current selected player in the Information tab.

The Update list button can be used to update the statistics if you have added, modified or deleted any games to this database since the Player Explorer dialog was opened.

The Close button exits the dialog.

Players tab view

The Players tab view enables the selection of a player in order to view detailed information about the games, performances and openings of the player or whole database. Please see the Players tab section for more details.

Information tab view

The Information tab view shows the detailed information about the selected player, their games, results, performance and favourite openings. Please see the Information tab view section for more details.