The Game Notation pane displays the game header information, moves, comments, variations and symbols for the current game.

Game Header Information

At the top of the game notation we have:

  • White and Black player names and Elo ratings (if available) and the game result. Please note the players names in blue are hyper-linked so you can simply click the player to open the Player Explorer to view the games, performances and favourite openings of the player in the Information tab.
  • The event and site where the game was played and the round and date on which the game was played
  • The ECO code and opening name

Game Notation

Below the game header information the actual game is displayed. The game notation can have the following information:

  • The main line of the game (e.g. the moves played in the game) is shown in bold text
  • Move variations (these can be nested) are shown in blue
  • Comments are shown in green as are diagram designations (see move 13.dxe5)
  • Move, evaluation and other symbols are shown in red (see respectively 14. Bh3!? 10. Qc8=, 12.Rac1N etc)
  • The current move is highlighted (see 13.dxe5) and the position after the highlighted move is displayed on the Game Board.

Navigating the game notation

There are many way to navigate the game in the game notation:

  • Use the mouse left click to go directly to any move or variation, the position will then be shown on the Game Board.
  • You can navigate to the beginning of the game, previous move, next move or end of game by using the move navigation icons:
  • The play navigation icon above gives the ability to start replaying the game moves from the current position. The pause icon pauses the replay.
  • The keyboard can be used to navigate the game, if you use the left or right arrow keys they will move backwards or forwards through the current line of play. The arrow key navigation will not present annoying variation dialogs or enter sub-variations.
  • To be offered the move variation choices at each move use the Ctrl+right arrow. If there is choice of moves at any point in the game notation you will be given a Select move dialog so you can choose the continuation.
  • The Ctrl+left arrow will jump back to the previous higher variation which is just before the point this variation branch was entered.
  • The down arrow jumps forward 5 moves on the current line, while up arrow will jump back 5 moves on the current line.


You can perform unlimited undo and redo operations performed in the Game Notation on the current game since it was loaded. See the Undo/Redo section for details.

Move context menu

You can right click on any move to bring up the move context menu which enable you to add, edit and remove comments, diagrams, move, evaluation and other symbols.