Choose the Add symbol menu item on the move context pop up menu in order to select a move symbol. Possible move symbols and their description:

  • ! - a good move, usually used for moves that are surprising or clearly better than alternatives
  • ? - a poor move. Basically a mistake that should not of been played.
  • !! - an outstanding move. Such moves are usually very hard to find and clearly superior to other moves.
  • ?? - a very bad mistake. A blunder which normally loses material, overlooks a checkmate or some other bad outcome.
  • !? - an interesting move but perhaps not the best move available, this can also be an enterprising move which deserves attention. Sometimes !? is a temporary state for a move as with more practice its symbol can change.
  • ?! - a dubious move, probably objectively poor but could be hard to refute so has more merit than ? moves.
  • - only move, all other moves are grossly inferior.

Please note setting a move symbol replaces any existing symbol present. You can also enter the symbols using the keyboard, for example ! enters !, !? enters !? etc.

You can remove the symbols by choosing the Remove symbols menu item on the Move context menu.