Possible evaluation symbols and their description:

  • =                Equality, a position with equal chances
  •                Unclear, a position where it is unclear who if anyone has an advantage.
  • +=                Slight advantage for White
  • =+                Slight advantage for Black
  • +/−        Clear Advantage for White
  • −/+        Clear Advantage for Black
  • +−                Decisive advantage for White
  • −+                Decisive advantage for Black
  • ∞=                With compensation, an unclear position usually where the side down in material has compensation for the material

Please note setting an evaluation symbol will replace any existing evaluation symbol present. You can also enter the symbols using the keyboard, for example = enters =, ~ enters ∞, ~= enters ∞= etc.

You can remove the symbols by choosing the Remove symbols menu item on the Move context menu.