Accessed by clicking the set up position shortcut icon.The dialog is also accessed from the Edit->Set up position menu item. The Setup Position dialog allows you to edit an existing position or set up a new position altogether.

The dialog shows the following information:

  • The current board position of the edit
  • The current side to move in the position
  • The move number of the position
  • The current FEN of the position at the bottom of the dialog
  • On the right hand side there is a palette of chess pieces to select from

Changing the position

You can change the position in a number of ways:

  • You can drag any piece to another square to move it
  • You can drag any piece off the board to remove it
  • You can select any piece/colour from the palette:
    • then click on one or more squares to add the piece on that square
    • if you click on a square which already contains that piece/colour it will be removed from the square leaving it empty

Operation buttons

There are a number of buttons to perform actions on the position:

  • Clear button will clear the board of pieces leaving an empty board
  • Reset button will reset the position to the opening chess position
  • Paste FEN will paste a FEN position from the clipboard onto the board
  • Copy FEN will copy the current board position shown onto the clipboard
  • Cancel will cancel the position set up and return to the game window
  • OK will accept the position set up and return to the game window with the new position


In the advanced tab you can adjust:

  • the Castling rights of the current position shown in the Board tab - please note in any position HIARCS Chess Explorer will initially set the most likely castling rights for the position.
  • set the number of plies (half moves) since the last capture or pawn move.