The Analyse games dialog enables you to analyse one or more games using settings for the analysis.

Engine and time:

  • Engine: You can select the engine to analyse with and configure its settings
  • Mode: Select the mode of analysis:
    • Blunder check is a quick check for blunders in the game(s)
    • Average time per move to use for the analysis
    • Average time per game to use for the analysis
    • Fixed search depth to use for each move of the analysis

Analysis scope:

  • Games: You can select the current game for analysis or bulk analyse all the games in the filter (or database if not filter is set). Please note analysing a bulk number of games may be time consuming.
  • Colour: You can choose to analyse White, Black or both sides. In general analysing both sides of a game does reveal more detail of that happen in the game.
  • Moves: Either analyse all the moves in the game(s) or a move range

Finally you can have any previous analysis removed.