Accessed by clicking the Header search shortcut icon.The dialog is also accessed from the Database->Search header menu item. This dialog allows you to search the current database for games matching the search criteria, the search results are known as the as the search filter.

You can specify any of the fields in the dialog to search for, or leave them blank to indicate match all for that field. You can use the Ignore colours checkbox to indicate that the White and Black fields can also apply to Black and White thereby matching both colours.

As you type a name in the White, Black, Event or Site field HIARCS Chess Explorer  Pro will aid your selection by giving you possible values based on what you type, this is a great help in remembering difficult names or events etc.

Incomplete fields are treated as the first part of a wildcard, for example type "Ka" in the White field will find all players with a name beginning with "Ka" like Karpov, Kasparov etc. Here is an example from the TopGames database when typing "An" in the White field, you will see only the possible names match "An" are offered making it much easier to name players correctly.

You can choose dates down to precise days and ranges.

You can also search for openings based on the ECO code.

The results and length of games are also searchable as are the information contained in the games like variations, comments and even who annotated the game.

The Search mode: allows you to:

  • Search all the games in the database, this is the default mode of operation
  • Search the current filter
  • Add the search of the database to the current filter