The Engine match dialog allows you to set up a match between two engines.

Engine match Basic tab


You can set the engines to play White and Black and configure their settings.

You can select the book each engine will use:

You can set an Elo limit for each engine if you want but of course that will weaken the play.

Time Control:

Select the time control to use:

Starting position: You select the starting position for the games:

  • Standard is the standard opening position
  • Current is the current position shown in the tab you launch New engine match from
  • Subsequent from chosen database will take the end position from a test database and play using these in sequence 
  • Random from database will take a random position from the chosen database for each game

Choose database to use as starting positions for the match (only applicable to last two options above).

Set the number of ronds to play in the match and if you want to reverse colours after each game.

Engine match Advanced tab


Choose the hash table for each engine to use and the Nalimov cache size

Match details:

Choose the type of information to save with each move:

Enable adjudication for HCE-Pro to decide when each game result if determined - this saves time in drawn games and when it is clear one side is going to win.

Set the title of the match