The Player Explorer dialog enables you to view a lot statistics about a database, it's openings and the players and what they play. In fact you can get repertoire reports on any chess player in the database.

Database tab

First we are looking at the Database tab on the left, click that to view all the openings and results played in the database with different opening systems.

Above you can see for many opening the statistics for those openings in the database. This is where some power options exist:

  • If you click any opening name, for example Queen's Gambit, the Player Explorer will populate the Game Explorer game list with only Queen's Gambit games. 
  • If you click any of the win/draw/loss graphic for a particular opening, the Player Explorer will populate the game list with those games, for example you could look at Black wins in the Caro-Kann Defence by clicking on the black win bar of the Caro-Kann Defence line.
  • If you click any of the Games numbers, the filter of the Game Explorer will be set to those games.

Please also note you can they set the Tree Explorer to the new filter of openings which will give you for example a Tree of Benoni and Benko Gambit moves and stats, extremely useful for those interested in chess theory from played games in certain openings.

Players tab

If you choose the Players tab on the top left, you will get a list of all the players in the database, this list is searchable with hints and auto select completion. 

If you choose a player, for example Vishy Anand from the list you will get Player Report on Vishy Anand which shows his performance with both White and Black and the most popular chess openings he plays with the White and Black pieces. This is shown in the Games tab.

Furthermore you can click on any opening, statistics or result from the win/draw/loss graphic to get the Game Explorer game list and filter populated with just those games.

This is a very powerful resource for preparation, you can choose a player you wish to prepare for and have a Player Report generated of the performances in many openings and you can view those games from many perspectives in one single mouse click.

For example, here you can click the Black openings Ruy Lopez Berlin Defence and get all the games Vishy Anand has played with the black pieces in the Berlin Defence listed in the Game Explorer. Then simply open the Tree Explorer view and set the Tree Explorer to the filter and you will have a Tree of Vishy Anand's Berlin Defence play.

Player Rating Graph

You can also see a rating graphic for a selected player by selecting the Rating tab at the bottom of the dialog when a Player is selected.