HIARCS Chess for iPhone
Frequently Asked Questions

What devices does HIARCS Chess for iPhone work on?

HIARCS Chess for iPhone runs on any iPhone with iOS 8 or later, including the latest iPhone 12 line. HIARCS Chess for iPhone uses the latest iOS 13 SDK.

Where can I buy HIARCS Chess for iPhone?

HIARCS for iPhone is available from the App Store. Once purchased, you will be able to download the application and install on your device.

What are the features included with HIARCS Chess for iPhone?

All the features and information is available, along with some screenshots on the home page for HIARCS Chess for iPhone. There is also some information on the App Store product page.

Does HIARCS Chess for iPhone have a manual?

Yes. There is an embedded help manual in the App HIARCS Chess for iPhone, as well as some more help information available in the on our HIARCS Chess for iPhone Help page.

If you still have any support questions, please email us at: HIARCS Email