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The HIARCS 10 opening book is significant step forward in chess opening books. It was developed by Eric Hallsworth and Mark Uniacke and is finely tuned with a huge variety of novelties and cutting edge opening theory. The opening book is one of the few books left which is hand edited and is optimised for the HIARCS style of play.

Unlike most other opening books this book is NOT just a book of GM games extracted from a database. Such books are prone to errors and rarely contain novelties or refutations to established theory. For this reason the Hiarcs 10 book has been hand tuned with the help of a world class chess player (who will remain nameless) and is therefore of great value to chess players because it gives them a valuable resource which can be used in practical terms to improve their own repertoire.

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"generally I use HIARCS." - Five time World Chess Champion Vishy Anand, in a recent interview when asked what chess program he uses to analyse with
"HIARCS is much better positionally than Deep Blue." - Garry Kasparov 1997 (after game 5 of the rematch)

World Chess Champion, Vishy Anand, used "Powerful" HIARCS machine in preparations for his 2010 & 2012 world title matches

"This level of service is one other big reason to buy HIARCS." - John Jackson

Highest performance reached depends on computer used. Computer Chess Software with world class chess engine playing strength.
HIARCS is designed and developed by Mark Uniacke in England.

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