Download HIARCS Chess Explorer for PC

World class chess database, analysis and playing program
Suitable for all players from beginners to the World Chess Champion with human-like play
Playing ability: Beginner (750 Elo) to World Chess Championship strength (3100 Elo)† with human-like play
GUI Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish
Platform:Intel & AMD PC Windows™ 7, 8, 10 & 11 (32 and 64 bit) all editions
February 2022 edition now available!

HIARCS Chess Explorer for PC Windows

A new version 1.11.1 of HIARCS Chess Explorer is now available for you to download and install
You can upgrade previous HIARCS Chess Explorer versions directly to the new version

Please ensure you have exited HIARCS Chess Explorer before installing the update. There is no need to uninstall before running this installer, it will automatically update your installation to the latest version.

HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.11.1 for PC - (Free update for customers - 14th February 2022)

Download (Deep) HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.11.1 for PC Windows
Updates both single and multi-core/processor (Deep) Versions
Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 (all editions)

HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.11 for PC - (Free update for customers - 23rd October 2021)

Download (Deep) HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.11 for PC Windows
Updates both single and multi-core/processor (Deep) Versions
Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 (all editions)
Please note users of Windows XP and Vista should continue using v1.9.1, which can be downloaded below

HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.10.1 for PC - (Free Update for customers - 25th May 2021

Download (Deep) HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.10.1 Installer for PC Windows
Updates both single and multi-core/processor (Deep) Versions Please note users of Windows XP should continue using HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.9.1 version.

HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.9.5 for PC - (Free Update for customers - 10th October 2020)

HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.9.4 for PC - (Free Update for customers - 2nd October 2019)

HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.9.3 for PC - (Free Update for customers - 22nd November 2018)

HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.9.2 for PC - (Free Update for customers - 1st March 2018)

HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.9.1 for PC - (Free Update for customers - 20th October 2016)

Download (Deep) HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.9.1 Installer for PC Windows

HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.9 for PC - (Free Update for customers - 24th March 2016)

HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.8 for PC - (Free Update for customers - 18th December 2014)

HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.7 for PC - (Free Update for customers - 14th January 2014)

HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.6 for PC - (Free Update for customers - 11th November 2013)

HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.5 for PC - (Free Update for customers - 25th July 2013)

HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.4 for PC - (Free Update for customers - 19th March 2013)

HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.3 for PC - (Free Update for customers - 5th March 2013)

Watch and Analyse Live PGN Games Engines and Analysis Playing games Opening Explorer Game Notation Database handling General

HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.2 for PC - (Free Update for customers - 24th November 2012)

Opening Explorer Player Explorer PGN Databases Chess Game Play, Analysis and Printing User Interface and Interaction Online Access

HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.1 for PC - (Free Update for customers - 12th October 2012)

PGN Database and Games UCI Engines Game Play/Entry User Interface and Interaction

HIARCS Chess Explorer v1.0 for PC - (26th August 2012)

HIARCS Chess Explorer is a superb new chess program for PC and Mac Chess Players which can run on both PC Windows and Apple Macintosh OS X computers. It offers an innovative and intuitive new graphical user interface together with the current World Chess Software Champion HIARCS chess engine. This unique combination is refreshingly easy to use and includes many new features for chess preparation, analysis and training for players of all abilities from beginner to Grandmaster. It has specialised features to help weaker chess players improve their chess including special weakened opponents, a chess coach which can demonstrate mistakes, show improvements and help you improve your chess.

For chess experts HIARCS Chess Explorer has many advanced features not seen in other chess software. The new features can help you analyse your chess games, improve your openings and prepare for your opponents.

Here is a brief outline of some of the key features of our exciting new chess product:

Modular plug-in design: the HIARCS 14 chess engine supports the Universal Chess Interface (UCI) which means it can be used in any UCI compatible chess Graphical User Interface (GUI). Equally the new Chess Explorer GUI can use any chess engine which supports the UCI protocol.

HIARCS 14 World Chess Software Champion chess engine is packaged with Chess Explorer to provide incredibly strong analysis, advice and play with a unique and entertaining attacking playing style. HIARCS won the World Chess Software Championship in Tilburg, The Netherlands in late 2011.

Comprehensive PGN database capabilities including simultaneous handling of multiple databases, searching and filtering by game header, game sorting, openings and positions etc, ECO and opening name classification, game lists and much more.

New ways of viewing game databases providing genuinely useful information to club player and professional chess players alike.

New ways to navigate chess games using positions, players, openings and statistics including outcomes.

Chess Player Information giving games, openings, statistics and information about chess players including many of the World's strongest chess players.

Extensive game notation support with embedded variations, text comments, annotations, chess move symbols, evaluation symbols, assessment symbols and chess opening naming.

Innovative Openings Explorer gives new insight into chess openings from different perspectives including access to the world's strongest opening book. With special features for HIARCS Chess opening book subscribers.

Advanced Analysis features allow game analysis with multiple engines showing multiple lines of play. Post game analysis with variation commentary and annotation allows you to check your own games or any you select for blunders and improvements.

Custom game play mode for playing against the World Champion HIARCS chess engine with realistic human-like set Elo strength settings suitable for players from beginner to Grandmaster. The custom game play mode has an integrated coach to demonstrate mistakes and highlight good moves and give hints. You can even monitor your chess progression as HIARCS Chess Explorer rates to chess play and helps you improve by adapting to your chess play to keep challenging you.

Multi-platform and multi-lingual Chess Explorer runs on both PC Windows (XP or later) and Apple Mac (OS X 10.7 or later) with multiple languages supported: English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish.

New HIARCS Chess Server integrated with the new Chess Explorer GUI provide innovative new features for chess players.

Game databases included with the latest top quality GM chess games at time of publication.

Annotated database included with high quality annotations, commentary and variations from International Masters and Grandmasters.