We have produced a number of videos to help customers learn how to use HIARCS Chess Explorer on PC

These videos cover the basic operations of HIARCS Chess Explorer, they do not go into all the advanced features but do give a good coverage of the basics for new customers. We also recommend you refer to the detailed user manual for further information on features. The user manual can be accessed from the Help->HIARCS Chess Explorer Help menu item or you can read the online manual here.

HIARCS Chess Explorer Quick Tour

Install and Activate

Main User Interface

Menu Options and Icons

Configuring the Interface

Accessing Databases

Game Explorer

Player Explorer

Multiple Databases

Entering and Saving Games

Exploring Openings

Analysing Using an Engine

Copying and Pasting

Position Setup

Playing a Game

Configuring Engines

Header Search

Game Notation

Game Analysis

Position Analysis

Threat Analysis

Preparing For An Opponent

Multiple Database Management

Enhanced Settings

Live Games

Thanks to the London Chess Centre and Nick "The Geek" for their help in producing these videos