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So you are looking for some chess software and have come across HIARCS. You have heard about the almost unrivalled chess strength of HIARCS chess software but want to know why you should choose HIARCS? You may wonder why you need such a strong chess program, won't just any chess program do?

Well actually no, any chess program will not do!  If you want a chess program which you can enjoy, learn from, improve with, and make best use of your time you need HIARCS because it has the following key attributes:

  1. Chess Strength: HIARCS is a three time World Chess Software Champion. This mean on normal laptop and desktop computers HIARCS was shown to be the strongest chess program. It is the chess engine generally used by the human World Chess Champion and legend, Vishy Anand!

    "generally I use HIARCS." - World Chess Champion Vishy Anand, in a recent interview when asked what chess program he uses to analyse with

  2. Human playing style: You need a playing opponent and analysis partner which plays more like a human than a computer. This will make your games more interesting, unpredictable and exciting. When you play other people you will be much better prepared with HIARCS as a result. When it comes to analysing your games you need an analysis partner who can suggest moves you as a human player are comfortable with, not weird computer moves you don't understand. HIARCS is famous for its human-like playing style. 

    "I've played with Chessmaster, Chess Tiger, Chess Genius, 9.95 Chess and a couple of others on the Palm. HIARCS plays an amazingly humanlike game in comparison. It's exactly what I wanted and missed in all the others." - Lea Hudson

  3. Variety of opponents and chess strengths: You need an opponent who can give you a realistic challenge but also be beatable. However, you also need an opponent who will grow with your needs to help you make progress and remain interested not bored. All HIARCS chess programs offer a huge range of playing opponents and levels. In fact HIARCS chess software caters for all levels from beginner through to Super Grandmaster with graduated playing levels allowing for steady progression as you improve. Not only that, unlike other chess programs HIARCS will make human-like mistakes on these handicapped levels so you really experience what it is like to play a human player at the level you have chosen.

    "Palm Hiarcs is the best chess program I've used bar none. I am rated about 1450, so having a computer that is handicapped is essential. Until now, the handicapped computer opponents I've played against were always very disappointing and unrealistic. For example, the weaker personalities on Chessmaster 10th Edition are quite non-human. They simply throw away pieces early and then play better after that. A 1400 human does nothing like this and the 1350-1600 handicap ranges on Palm Hiarcs seem quite realistic while still being beatable. Very well done!" - Chris Hivick

  4. World Class Analysis: When you want to analysis chess games, problems or positions you need an assistant who can show the best lines quickly and clearly.  A lot of chess programs will show moves and evaluations but that's all - they don't learn about the position they are analysing and use this information to improve their analysis. With HIARCS you get an intelligent chess partner which actually learns about variations as you enter them to improve its previous analysis. For real chess players this is invaluable because it means HIARCS can understand chess positions much better and apply this understanding to its thinking when it sees similar positions or variations. This enables HIARCS to understand deep strategic ideas while analysing with you. It's no wonder the strongest players of all-time like Garry Kasparov and Vishy Anand use HIARCS to assist them in analysis and preparation.

    "Anand sat there, coolly working out all the attacking lines in advance with the computer, checking everything carefully with one of the world's most powerful analytic engines, HIARCS (written by Mark Uniacke from England)." Quote from Advanced Chess Match where both World number 2 Vishy Anand and ex-World Champion Anatoly Karpov used HIARCS exclusively as their analysis partner.

"When analysing with a computer, even with the strongest programs and on the fastest machines, it is not always gold that glitters. But working with an intelligent learning program like HIARCS can increase the calibre of your analysis substantially, and it offers a much greater scope for creativity contributed by the human partner." - Matthias Wullenweber, Chessbase Magazine 70.

Here HIARCS wins a position humans thought unwinnable! (Second diagram on the linked page, labelled "Zakhodiakin 64, 1929")

"HIARCS has the best range of playing levels and features for all players beginners, hobby, club, Master and Grandmaster" - Selective Search Magazine

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"generally I use HIARCS." - Five time World Chess Champion Vishy Anand, in a recent interview when asked what chess program he uses to analyse with
"HIARCS is much better positionally than Deep Blue." - Garry Kasparov 1997 (after game 5 of the rematch)

World Chess Champion, Vishy Anand, used "Powerful" HIARCS machine in preparations for his 2010 & 2012 world title matches

"This level of service is one other big reason to buy HIARCS." - John Jackson

Highest performance reached depends on computer used. Computer Chess Software with world class chess engine playing strength.
HIARCS is designed and developed by Mark Uniacke in England.

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