Can be toggle accessed by clicking the Analysis Explorer shortcut icon or from the View->Analysis Explorer menu item.

The Analysis Explorer pane enables you to analyse positions using chess engines, see the analysis from a number of perspectives and use the analysis in the Game Notation pane.

You can select any chess engine from the engine selector (highlighted in above screen shot), all engines which have already been added in the Preferences - Engines tab will be available in this selector. You will have the HIARCS World Chess Software Champion engine available in this selector as it is automatically installed with HIARCS Chess Explorer.

After you have chosen the engine you want to analyse with you can also set the number of lines to analyse simultaneously. Normally HIARCS analyses with lines=1 to find the best line of play from the current position, however you may be interested in the top N lines of play, if you are you can set  the lines field to the number of lines you wish to see simultaneously computed. Please note having lines > 1 makes HIARCS significantly less efficient at finding the best move available - ie. it will take somewhat longer to reach the same depth of search.

The analysis output area is directly under the engine selector. The output area can show analysis in four main ways:

  1. Concise view showing only the best move(s) found so far along with the evaluation and depth of search
  2. History and Statistic view showing the history of analysis of this position with statistics
  3. Game Analysis progress showing the engine analysis progress as it analyses a game
  4. Endgame tablebase results showing the results of consulting huge endgame databases.

The Analysis Explorer pane has 4 important shortcut icons next to the engine selector:

       Start/stop analysing - if idle start analysing; if analysing , stop.

       Engine settings - this enables you to configure the engine options.

                 Lock chess engine analysis to current position. When enabled the chess engine will be locked analysing the current position even if you change the position on the board and game notation.

       View analysis history and statistics - toggle the view shown in the Analysis Explorer between a clean simple view and the history and statistics view.

       Analyse game - this icon button enables you to analyse the whole game with an engine.