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HIARCS Palm Chess Pro 13.1
World's strongest and best featured Palm chess software.

Suitable for all, from beginner to strong Grandmaster with human-like play, energy saving handicap levels and coaching.
Platform: PalmOS™, Palm Tungsten, Zire, LifeDrive, Treo, Sony Clie, Handspring, Tapwave or compatible.
Playing ability: Absolute beginner (750 Elo) to Strong Grandmaster (2800+ Elo)†

Palm Chess Pro has won 4 matches with chess Grandmasters - are you up to the challenge?
The strongest and most successful handheld chess player in history!

Low resolution view, High resolution screen shots available on the product and manual pages.        

"In my view PALM HIARCS has the best range of FEATURES for all players beginners, hobby, club, master, with TIGER 2nd in this category, while HIARCS has easily the TOP PLAYING STRENGTH, with GENIUS 2nd.Palm Chess comparison by Eric Hallsworth, Selective Search Magazine

"I must say, the Palm version is really a very nice design. The strength is amazing, and the features are excellent. I can see that the "find mistake" feature will be very helpful. I appreciate your work on this." - Darryl, March 2012


The new Hiarcs 13.1 Palm Chess Pro really is the ultimate Palm chess program. HIARCS for Palm has proven to be significantly stronger than all other Palm and Pocket PC chess software since 2004 and now it's much stronger than ever before! It is the strongest and most successful handheld chess player in history. You can read about its amazing exploits including 4 match wins over top Grandmasters and its Grandmaster tournament win on our Palm Rating & Games page. Now the new update, HIARCS Palm Chess Pro 13.1 is over 70 Elo stronger again!

With the pedigree of a past World Chess Software Champion, HIARCS Palm Chess Pro offers the premier chess engine to learn from, analyse with or simply play against. Great features for beginners to help learn and improve their game including a full range of weaker levels tailored for realistic opposition and rapid learning, a coach and a rating system to measure and report progress. HIARCS Palm Chess Pro now has superb energy saving handicap set Elo levels massively extending battery life both in play and analysis.  Now with databases of the greatest players and games for you to enjoy and learn from. In fact HIARCS Palm Chess Pro makes a perfect travelling companion for players of all strengths and all ages. Packed with many more features than any other Palm chess program, HIARCS for Palm Chess is really beyond comparison.

Key features:

bulletWorld's strongest PDA chess program, true super GM strength in the Palm of your hand!
bulletUnlimited beginner, intermediate and advanced levels challenging all players.
bulletSpecial Energy Saver Handicap levels reduce battery use and can be set to your strength.
bulletCoach to teach moves, watch your games, point out mistakes and give hints.
bulletBuilt in Elo rating monitor rates your play and measures your progress.
bulletMultiple database support, includes 4 game databases of the great champions.
bulletGame variations through multiple linked game branches.
bulletInterfaces with desktop software using PGN format import and export.
bulletUnlimited levels and time controls: Casual, Blitz, Active, Fischer and Tournament.
bulletNumerous opening books with latest opening theory for study and preparation.
bulletHigh res, colour graphics, multiple boards sizes, piece sets and VCR controls.

Why not learn, play or analyse chess while you travel?  HIARCS Palm Chess Pro makes a perfect companion on a journey. Free palm chess game demo software, opening books and updates available in the download area

Prices*: £24.95 / 29.95 / $39.95
*VAT may be applicable for European Union residents.

Download HIARCS Palm Chess Pro        How to buy        Read FAQ

Take HIARCS for Palm anywhere and everywhere: the perfect travel companion for coaching, preparation and playing!

HIARCS runs on any PalmOS based device running PalmOS 3.5 or later, see the compatibility list for details of the PDA devices supported, but don't just take our word for it, why not download the FREE demo version of HIARCS for Palm and see for yourself! 

Three steps to chess enjoyment:
1) Download HIARCS for Palm PDAs and TRY IT for FREE
2) If you like it BUY IT here
REGISTER IT to unlock ALL the great features and strength. Registered customers also get full free access to a variety of tournament opening books with GM play and analysis!

To register you simply send the unique registration code (given by HIARCS when it is running on your device) to us with your name, PDA used and the invoice reference number. By return email we will send you a key to unlock ALL the features.

Hiarcs comes with both 68K and ARM native chess engines to maximize your handheld computer performance and includes a free tournament book. Further opening books will be made available to registered owners for free on the Palm chess download page.

If you have an ARM based PDA no other chess program comes close to HIARCS for sheer chess strength, features and enjoyment. Why not check out the features of HIARCS Palm Chess here or a comparison of the best Palm chess software here


The most successful handheld chess player in history!


I would like to dedicate HIARCS Palm Chess Pro to my late father Max Uniacke, without whose love and encouragement I would of been a lesser person and HIARCS would never have existed in the first place.


"It is the best Palm program (I have them all) and the strongest" - Henri Arsenault
"A truly world-class achievement in chess software development" - Bob Newell

"Now I add to your virtues extraordinary customer support!
" - James Breeden

"I must say, the Palm version is really a very nice design. The strength is amazing, and the features are excellent. I can see that the "find mistake" feature will be very helpful. I appreciate your work on this." - Darryl, March 2012

HIARCS Palm Chess Pro is a software download product



Many people have helped the HIARCS Palm Chess product through countless hours of testing and valuable feedback suggestions which we have used to improve the product features. Special thanks must go to Gary Preston for the Elite chess pieces, and Bryan Whitby for the Challenger 3D effect chess pieces.

We also thank Didzis Cirulis, Eric Hallsworth, Thorsten Czub, Djordje Vidanovic for their help in the past on Palm HIARCS.

Without these people HIARCS for Palm PDAs would not be the product it is today. THANK YOU!




News, Press & Customer Review/comments
  September 2010
HIARCS Palm Chess Pro 13.1 with +70 Elo strength released

July 2010
HIARCS Palm Chess Pro 12.1v released

November 2009
HIARCS Palm Chess Pro 12.1u released stronger than ever!

March 2009
HIARCS Palm Chess Pro v12.1 with +100 Elo strength and many great new features.

November 2008
Palm Chess HIARCS 9.7 on Zire 31 defeats GM Dusan Popovic 3½-½ in match!

November 2007
New Palm Chess HIARCS 9.7 update - free to registered customers

April 2006
HIARCS for Palm Chess tops the Congress Pichay Invitational ahead of 2 GMs, 8 IMs, 5 FMs and 18 NMs!

February 2006
HIARCS 9.6 is top rated PDA chess program on SSDF rating list.

September 2005
HIARCS on Palm defeats Polish GM Piotr Bobras 3-1 in 4 game match!

June 2005
HIARCS on Palm defeats top Russian Super-GM Sergey Volkov 3-1 in 4 game match!

May 2005
HIARCS on Palm outperforms all other Palm chess programs in tournament with dedicated chess computers. 

January 2005
HIARCS on Palm defeats Grandmaster 3-1 in 4 Game Internet Match for a 2809 Elo performance rating!

"Strongest program, great time controls... feature-rich ... definitely my personal favorite." Palm Chess PDA comparison by Charles Fishburn

"Palm HIARCS is a must for Palm users because it has many more features and plays much stronger than it's competitors." - Palm & Pocket PC chess review (in German) c't Magazine

Rated best featured and top Palm Chess program
- Palm & Pocket PC chess review (in German) Computerschach & Spiele Magazine

"Palm HIARCS is clearly the strongest engine for handheld devices" - David Bigler

It is the best Palm program (I have them all) and the strongest" - Henri Arsenault

"A truly world-class achievement in chess software development" - Bob Newell

"I've used Chess Tiger for years and always thought it was great but HIARCS blows it out of the water. It has many more features and is very user friendly. It was worth every penny!" -
Mike Willett

"I've played with Chessmaster, Chess Tiger, Chess Genius, 9.95 Chess and a couple of others on the Palm. HIARCS plays an amazingly humanlike game in comparison. It's exactly what I wanted and missed in all the others." - Lea Hudson


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"generally I use HIARCS." - Five time World Chess Champion Vishy Anand, in a recent interview when asked what chess program he uses to analyse with
"HIARCS is much better positionally than Deep Blue." - Garry Kasparov 1997 (after game 5 of the rematch)

World Chess Champion, Vishy Anand, used "Powerful" HIARCS machine in preparations for his 2010 & 2012 world title matches

"This level of service is one other big reason to buy HIARCS." - John Jackson

† Highest performance reached depends on computer used. Computer Chess Software with world class chess engine playing strength.
HIARCS is designed and developed by Mark Uniacke in England.

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