The Advanced tab of the Preferences dialog handles miscellaneous configuration settings in the following areas:


Databases are auto saved every 10 minutes by default, you can modify this if you wish.

If the Overwrite existing ECO codes checkbox is set the following actions apply:

  • when a database is loaded into HIARCS Chess Explorer the openings are automatically classified for their ECO opening code overwriting any ECO code already set.
  • any games added will have the ECO code classified by HIARCS Chess Explorer and the ECO field will be read-only.

When Overwrite existing ECO codes checkbox is unset the following actions apply:

  • when a database is loaded into HIARCS Chess Explorer the ECO only classified if it is not present, any existing ECO value in the database is never modified
  • when you save a game HIARCS Chess Explorer will populate the ECO field if it is empty. You can always edit the ECO field.

If you prefer to keep the original ECO code assignment already in PGN databases please uncheck this option.

Online sources

Use Hiarcs server to retrieve opening and endgame information - by default HIARCS Chess Explorer will contact the HIARCS Chess Server (HCS) to retrieve information about openings and endgames which are displayed by Opening Explorer and Analysis Explorer as appropriate. If you want stop access to the HIARCS Chess Server this option can be unchecked.

The Book license field allows HIARCS Opening Book subscribers to access additional content in the Opening Explorer. A valid book license will enable access to powerful new opening books on the HIARCS Chess Server. For security reasons actual licenses are never displayed and are always encrypted. Book subscriptions are a separate purchase that can give access to the largest and strongest chess opening books, please see for details.

The Reload live PGN option sets the period in which HIARCS Chess Explorer will reload the live PGN from the entered URL.

Other options

This option has been removed and is no longer available. Use special tournament mode when playing allows you to alter how play mode behaves. This was used when HIARCS recently won the World Chess Software Championship in Yokohama, Japan. It has these special features:

  • Game is initially paused until the pause icon is depressed or the first move is made. If engine is to play (e.g. White in the opening position), it will begin in pause mode. Press the pause icon to release the engine and enable it to make the first move. This enables everything to be set up ready for a tournament without committing the engine to show its first move until the physical clocks have started.
  • Game is saved after each move to the tournament.pgn in the Explorer folder. This enable you to recover the game if there is an issue.
  • There is no move animation as that speeds up remote network display when HIARCS Chess Explorer is being used remotely over an internet.
  • Engine configuration can be checked before game starts by clicking on the engine options icon, in the dialog that opens HIARCS engines will also display important configuration information.


In the unlikely event you need to troubleshoot an engine added to HIARCS Chess Explorer you can set the Log engine output to file in current session option. An engine.log file will then be generated in the HIARCS Chess/Explorer folder with details of the communication between the GUI and engine. This option will only be applied until you exit HIARCS Chess Explorer when the option is unset. This option should only be set by advanced users and only for troubleshooting an engine as it will affect the performance of any engine used.

Electronic Boards

In this section you can detect electronic boards to use with HIARCS Chess Explorer. You can learn more about this in the Using the Millennium ChessLink topic.

Clicking the Apply button will apply the current settings but keeps the dialog open. Clicking the Cancel button will cancel any changes since the last apply and exit the dialog. Finally click the OK button to apply the current settings and exit the dialog back to the main display.