The Search for position dialog is accessed from the Search->Position menu item and enables you to set a position so that you can find all games in the database which have that position.

Initially the dialog uses the current position displayed on the main board. All the editing abilities of the Set up position dialog are possible here including moving pieces around.

You can use the Paste FEN button to paste a position from the clipboard into this dialog to quickly set a position you want to search for. Equally from any position set you can copy the position to the clipboard using the Copy FEN button. The current position in FEN format is displayed at the bottom of the dialog.

The Clear button enables you to clear the board of pieces so you can set a completely new position from scratch to search for. The Reset button will set the normal opening position.

The Cancel button will abort the dialog and not perform a search.

Once you click the OK button, HIARCS Chess Explorer will search the current database for the position and display the games in the game list in the Games Explorer pane.

Please note Opening Explorer also provides a real-time position search capability from positions in the Game Notation. Please see the Opening Explorer section for details.